Our Minos first learned of the Minoan Brotherhood in 2001, a time when Groves only existed in North America. Upon seeing the list of Grove names he wondered if there ever would ever be an Irish Grove and what would it be named on that list? He decided in that moment that Temenos ta Carmán would be a suitable name; a spell that would manifest in its own time.  


In the years since then our Minos was heartened by and grateful for the guidance and support of three Minoi until formal mentoring could commence. Having since been elevated to the sublime 3°, and with the blessings of Elders in the Minoan Brotherhood, Minoan Sisterhood and New York WICA Tradition, our Minos established a Grove in his own right. Temenos ta Carmán was the first Grove established in a country outside North America where English is the primary language and was the first to be established in the West European Isles.


Our Grove belongs to the Eleutheria / Louisiana Line of covens and reflects a healthy balance between received wisdom and the guidance of our Gods to maintain a living experience of this spiritual and magical tradition. It is named in honour of our Matron deity, Carmán, an Athenian Goddess who came to Ireland with her sons and was “othered” as an outsider.

Our Grove is located in Dublin and meets for each of the thirteen Full Moons and celebrates our Eight Festivals. It is currently open to seekers who may be suitable candidates for Outer Court training.